July 14, 2024
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Contemporary Design Jupes Table
Contemporary Design Jupes Table

Commissioned by Private Client

Designed by Gary Armstrong, the brief of this table was designed to extend seating from 4 seats in its closed position, to 8 seats in the intermediate extended position and 16 seats fully extended.

The top is divided into 8 segments and measures 4ft 6in in diameter in a closed position. These segments are connected to a solid brass and gilded mechanism which on rotation of the top only, opens the segments to allow a further 8 leaves to be inserted (which are housed in a matching cabinet), creating an intermediate size of 6ft diameter and then a further 8 leaves can be inserted to create a final size of 10ft diameter. Each leaf has a numbered designated position in the table, ensuring the veneer pattern remains consistent with the design in both open and closed states.

Veneered in Maple Burl with a Middle Eastern design inlay of Olive Ash Burl and Masur Birch Burl, with a fine ebony line surrounding each inlay, the leaf designators boast the same inlayed pattern. Modern and angular in style, the table pedestal is designed to be separated from the table top to allow for easy removal and storage when necessary.